The B2B Linkedin marketing solutions...

The B2B Linkedin marketing solutions

Linkedin agency

The playground is large as 450 M business experts and decision-makers are waiting to hear about your brand.

Combination of knowledge and technology

As a specialized B2B marketing agency with a backbone of a multi-lingual team, we have supported companies for more than 10 years in their mission to score other companies as customers. We have been working in almost all industries, and we always have a shared experience to offer. We help companies pull together lead generation strategies, inbound marketing, product launches, and brand-building projects. We are as motivated as you to achieve your business goals.

Design and develop a strategy

Create content that answers a potential client's questions

Full funnel campaign for maximum Awareness and lead gen.

OUR main services

Multi-lingual team

it's unimaginable to open new doors and access new prospects without having a native language if you have focused on a specific area. Start with: Arabic, Turkish, German, English, and Persian.

Content that converts

The B2B buying journey has evolved, and Linkedin now plays a more significant role than ever. Checking out a company's Linkedin account along with personal profiles of leadership is now a common place to form an opinion about who you are, what you do, and how credible your company appears. Adding Linkedin content could be the difference between prospects per month choosing to trust you and move to the next stage.

Linkedin campaign

Linkedin is likely THE only social media platform that decision-makers come to be influenced in buying decisions. Known for their fantastic targeting abilities, Linkedin Paid Ads offer some of the highest quality and most targeted website traffic of any channel. Target decision-makers are currently in work mode on the B2B platform they trust the most.

Multy channel Remarketing

We target visitors on different platforms and channels to maximize conversion and ROAS by developing a customer journey and retention strategy.


We will find your ideal prospects through Sales Navigator or by building a custom list. We will then activate that list for you through our sequenced Linkedin outreach process, which can involve connection requests, inmail, and email as needed. You won't have to worry about keeping track of it if you don't want to.

Brand voice

There has been a definite shift towards humanizing B2B marketing, and this recognition has been long overdue. Talking to your audience purely in rational, logical terms simply won't cut through the clutter. Also, we've all been handcuffed to short-term lead generation KPIs for years now while we ignore the benefits of longer-term brand building.






Answers For Questions

Depending on the services you want, if you have a persona and strategy, we can start your Linkedin campaigns immediately in under 12 Hours.

Step 1: Identify your ideal customer
First, we'll learn about your business, best clients, and campaign goals to segment your target audiences for better personalization.
Step 2: Write & design your ads
Our creative team will write persuasive ad copy and design high-performing creatives that aligns with your brand.
Step 3: Launch your ad campaigns
Then, we'll build your funnel with multiple ad types, retargeting campaigns, automated email follow-ups and CRM integrations.
Step 4: Optimize to scale your results
Lastly, we A/B test the lowest performing ads with fresh creatives & schedule regular strategy calls to maximize conversions at scale.

Yes, However, we offer to use those services for full-funnel marketing, which will pay off more; high-quality content is essential for Linkedin and stands out from the competition in B2B marketing.

Services for the campaign management always have a stable fee depending on your AD spend. Further, for inbound marketing, content and strategy depend on variables such as industry, competition, content quantity, and creation method.

Make An Appointment

On-Time Service

We deliver and support you like your in-house marketing team; your success is our success.

Experienced Team

Bunch of gurus who are specialists in digital marketing, management consultant, Campaign management, content creation, and Strategy.

Analyze Your Business

It's all about the data. Nothing is personal; we analyze your campaign and business data to improve ROAS.

Customer feedback

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Pricing For Managed LinkedIn Ads



Cost based on traffic volume


$3k-$10k monthly ads spend


$10k+monthly ads spend

Content Creation

$10k+monthly ads spend/p>

Retarget your website visitors

Identify target audiences

A/B testing ad campaign
Advanced retargeting campaigns
Ad copy & design revisions
Unlimited copy & design revisions
Email follow-up campaign setup
Email copy sequences written
Lead magnet strategy
Landing page consultation
Custom CRM integration
Bidding & budget optimization
LinkedIn insight tag setup
Company page optimization
Dedicated account manager
Weekly performance reports
Monthly strategy calls
Email, chat and phone support

Content(video, motion, graphic, ...)


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