Omid Akrami


Ozde Dereli

Area Manager



Bahar Abdolahzadeh

Web Designer

To make money on the internet, you need to create something that is important to people; Better put, you need a “Money Making Angle”! This is where Ounternet comes in.Our team consists of MBA graduates, skilled digital marketers, and experienced web developers who understand how the internet “thinks” and works. we analyze the latest trends and technics to help maximize your sales funnel and attract more leads.

Ounternet offers 360 degrees services in digital marketing that are data-driven and fully customizable to the exact needs of the client. We develop strategies that are adaptable to the dynamic needs of the market that will help you reach your business goals.  

Our strength lies in reinventing and creating new horizons for businesses. Our passion is uncovering the truth and purpose of the business and formulating it clearly and impressively. We speak Turkish, Arabic, German, and English; and are continuously learning! So we can help you achieve your goals in the market of your choice!

Clients don’t hire us only for marketing purposes. They hire us for growth. And that is exactly how we prefer to be recognized!

Atena Saberi

Advertising photographer

Sina Mozafari

Social Media

Ali Aletayeb

Video Editor

Mina Davoodi

Copy Writer

Aila Ahmadi

Account Manager

Mohadeseh Behjat Haghighi

Account Manager