e-commerce shopify website
  • Redesign

The purpose of the site:

This website was created by a coffee lover .

the website’s purpose is to collect coffee products from different stores and sell them online.

He asked me about how to make the website more interesting for a visitor and when I saw the website I decided to redesign it from the top.

Sitemap & prototype

the navigation was the firs thing that didn’t seem right on the Home page.
Although this website does not have so many pages, the user gets totally confused using the dropdown menu. there was no links to the main pages such as different categories and the ‘about us’ page was mistakenly linked to the three policy pages!
so the first thing I did was to manage the website using a sitemap.

We minified the scroll by putting the products in a row and not in a column so the visitor see all of them at the same time.
We divided the products into six sections. there were four sections before and not very easy to understand which one is what !
We deleted the video section and put about us instead
there are some UI changes that We implied as well in the following.

the interface of the website was not really based on any color pallet. and since the website was new, we could change even the logo. so we asked our graphist to simplify the logo and use only black and green as we used these colors in my design.

User Interface

For the UI, we chose the most minimal interface.
we used simple colors and illustration.
We also used CSS in some parts as we implement the website on shopify platform, so it would be close to my design.
It wasn’t a very complicated website to figure it out but we like the result.


For illustration, we was inspired by the name and the tagline of the website.
It was about coffee
It had something to do with feeling and the aroma of the coffee.
and we used only 2D lines for all illustration and characters.