Published on 5/10/2022


These Terms and Conditions (“TC”) regulate the rights and obligations of the persons who will use the Ounternet website, who will be referred to as User(s) hereinafter.

    1. User accepts and declares that it can use this website only for the purposes designated in this TC; any usage of the website in a way that results in unlawful behavior shall be deemed a severe violation of this TC. 
    2. User accepts and declares that their computer or smart device (phone or tablet) is required to have internet access (mobile data, wireless, etc.) to access this website.
    3. User accepts and undertakes that it is strictly forbidden to take actions that may threaten the security of the website and Ounternet systems and/or harm the Company and other users; to make any attempt that may block the usage and utilization of the website by other users; to overload the systems or the website in a way which results in the same; to access, copy, delete or change the source codes of the website in an unauthorized manner or to make tests in this regard; to use software to block the operation of the website; to attempt to use such software or to interrupt, disrupt, reverse engineer, organize an attack, occupy, or interfere with the operation of any kind of software, hardware and servers; or to gain access to the Ounternet servers. 
    4. User shall notify Ounternet immediately when they are informed of the unauthorized usage of confidential information or any type of violation of security. 
    5. User accepts that Ounternet has the right to amend this TC and other documents, which are published on this website, and reorganize the website at any time.
    6. User accepts that the amendments, which are made by Ounternet on TC and other documents, shall enter into force on the date of publication on the website and updated conditions shall be deemed to be accepted by the User by using this website. User accepts that tracking of these documents in an orderly manner is its responsibility.
    7. User accepts, declares, and undertakes that it shall accept all kinds of announcements, warnings, and declarations regarding the development and functionality of this website as an inseparable part of this TC and that it accepted these in advance.
    8. User undertakes that it read and accepted the legal documents including privacy-related documents published on the website. 

  • Ounternet is fully liable for intentional and grossly negligent acts. 
    1. The limitations of liability set forth herein shall also apply in favor of all agents and employees of Ounternet. 
    2. User accepts that access to the website may be temporarily blocked for the implementation of improvement and other changes on the website.
    3. User accepts, declares, and undertakes that Ounternet may temporarily suspend or permanently terminate the website at any time, make any changes on the website, remove the website completely and that it cannot raise any objection or request.  
    4. User accepts, declares and undertakes that in case the website does not work due to any problem which occurs or may occur in the computers or smart devices (phones and tablets) used by themselves, all responsibility shall belong to themselves and they cannot claim any request and/or complaint to Ounternet and its business partners. 
    5. User accepts that website is offered “as is” and in this context, Ounternet does not take any responsibility or give any promise regarding the accuracy, completeness, working performance, and reliability of the website.
    6. User accepts that in any case, Ounternet shall only be liable due to the direct damages. Ounternet’s total liability shall be limited to three times of the cost collected from the User.
    7. User accepts that they know that Ounternet does not promise that there will be no virus, worm or other kinds of attacks and unauthorized accesses to the website. 

    1. User accepts, declares, and undertakes the following provisions regarding intellectual property rights: 
      1. All material and immaterial financial, moral, and commercial rights relating to and websites, mobile applications, systems and software belonging to Ounternet, including visuals and designs, writings, logos, algorithms, and graphics in the website, exclusively belong to Ounternet.
      2. It is absolutely prohibited to copy, reproduce, use, distribute and/or process information, content and/or data shared published herein beyond the utilization determined in this TC. 
      3. Any component that is on this website shall not be published, publicly broadcast and/or linked from or to without the express prior written consent of Ounternet in another channel, whether in written, oral and/or electronic form, without limitation in any way with the exception of permitted usages in this TC. 

    1. The relationships of the Parties are governed by the law of the Republic of Turkey. 
    2. In the resolution of disputes arising from the application of this TC, İstanbul Çağlayan Courthouse Courts and Enforcement Offices will be authorized.

    1. Commercial relationships with customers, contractors, and business partners are regulated by separate specific agreements. 
    2. Ounternet reserves its right to make updates/revisions on TC from time to time at its own discretion. 
    3. In the cases considered as force majeure, Ounternet shall not be liable for the late or deficient performance or lack of performance for the deeds determined in this TC. 
    4. In the case that any provision of this TC is declared void or unenforceable by a competent court and/or board, the aforementioned provision shall be amended with a valid provision having a purpose parallel to the purpose of this TC and other provisions continue to be effective. 
    5. Ounternet’s records (including the records kept electronically) shall be accepted as evidence under Article 193 of Civil Procedural Law for the disputes within the scope of this TC.